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Frequently Asked Questions:


Why buy from Thirteen Pine?

Our craftsmen are passionate about building furniture for YOU, the way you want it. We care for and construct each piece we build as if it were the only piece in the universe with any importance. This job is what we WANT to do; not what we have to do and not what just "fell in our laps" like you'll find with some other small companies.

All of our wood is responsibly harvested from sustainable-growth forests and chosen specifically to create the best all-natural furniture possible. We are truly centrally located which keeps costs down.

Our carpenters are all very skilled. Even the owner can design and build anything you can throw at him. With other companies you may find that the owner is not a true experienced craftsman (maybe he's only used a saw for a short while and simply noticed a good business opportunity). If that is the case and the whole crew quits for some reason, will your order get out? Thirteen Pine could be whittled down to a one-man show and every single aspect of the company would hum right along!

And the main reason you should buy from us is simply because we provide sturdy, beautiful, heirloom-worthy furniture at a cost far below that of traditional furniture stores. Not to mention... it is made-to-order!

There are other companies that offer a similar style of simple, custom, solid wood furniture. Why would you choose Thirteen Pine over them? If you are into these kinds of details, then you can read more about them here.

What materials do you use?

Everything is solid, natural wood. No engineered wood products are used in our furniture ...unless, of course, you request we build you a One-off item that has features that would be best if certain parts were something like MDF or plywood. But these are the rare circumstance and we would obtain your approval before construction. We are not trying to be in the "traditional cabinet" business, but if something you want is basically a "cabinet" then it may be built with cabinet-grade plywood with solid-wood face & door frames. This does not apply to our Barnwood Line of products, which is all reclaimed pine.

Do you build anything with metal frames?

We actually have a local fabricator who we have enlisted to work with us on any items that have metal frames or legs. This gentleman is quite the artist with many creations for high-profile clients under his belt. Metal/wood combo furniture may take longer to complete and have ready for shipping or delivery due to the fact that it is being made by two different craftsmen at two different shops.

Will I have to assemble my furniture when it arrives?

Most of the time, No. However, certain tables or other items ship better (and cheaper) with the legs removed. In the case of any in-home assembly, we will provide the hardware and an instruction guide. For any DIY assembly support, you may call us at (501) 247-8655 during normal business hours and we will be glad to walk you through it. If you have chosen for the shipping company to perform an inside delivery & setup, they will take care of the assembly. The shipping confirmation email we will send you upon completion of your build will note if any items require assembly.

How do I order?

Simply fill out the form on our "How to Order" page. When the form is submitted, a copy will be sent to you for your records and one will be sent to us. If you feel the form does not address all of your desired options, you are unsure about anything, or you'd just like to talk to us before we begin, then leave a note in the "Comments" section of the order form requesting for us to call you first.

You will receive a confirmation email when we receive the order and are preparing to build it. This email will specify the shipping or delivery charges for your order and contain your final total. If we have any questions we will either call or email you to be sure we are on the same page before we begin the build. You will receive another email when your item(s) are ready to ship.

How does payment work?

The confirmation email you will receive (after you submit the Order Form) will require you to respond to it, verifying the details as correct and selecting how you intend to pay.

When paying by credit or debit card, we will call you to obtain the card number; Do NOT send the card number to us in an email.. Your card will not be run until you have verified in writing our Order Confirmation Email details as correct.

When paying by check, the check will need to be for the full total (including any shipping/delivery costs). Your order will not be built until your check clears our bank.

Local customers are welcome to bring us cash but we still require the Order Form be filled out and confirmation emails must be exchanged to preserve proper records and to secure our agreement in writing.

Do you have a showroom?

Currently we do not have a "showroom". You are welcome to give us a call during business hours and set up a time to visit us in our shop where you are likely to see a few items under construction. Since we build the orders as they come in, you may or may not see the specific items you are interested in at that time. We also do not operate our business on debt or with investors. We invest in you and, in turn, we grow. So as we grow, we will have a small on-site showroom. But we will always strive to keep YOUR costs down by making smart business decisions and only holding what overhead we absolutely need to perform the function you are paying for. This website will always be the most cost-effective showroom.

We do keep a few items in stock at Evolution Resale in Bryant, AR. This partnership is designed in an effort to spread the word about our budding company and to help another quality small business in our local community grow. There is no guarantee that our items can be found there, or any other independently-owned retail shop, indefinitely as we cannot control the direction those shop owners want to take with their offerings at a given time. However, any of our items offered at one of these locations will be priced at the same costs you can find them for here on this website (minus shipping, of course) unless they are having a sale on in-stock items. Items bought at a non-Thirteen Pine retail store will be subject to that stores Return Policies. But any assembly or care/maintenence issues should be directed to us here.

What options do I have for customizing and what are the costs?

From size, to style, to color, to the small details. Some exotic materials or certain wood species may be harder to come by at certain times, but as long as we can get the requested materials and we have the right tools, we'll build whatever you want. Many of the items you will see here are ordered by most people without much customizing - other than size and color. For any costs not mentioned or One-off orders, just fill out the Order Form as best you can so we have a record of your initial request and then we'll be in touch to discuss the details of the project and quote a price.

In general, the customizations are limited to size, color, and options such as a leaf in a table, extra drawers, or other "functional design elements". The species of lumber used will not normally be something you can request. If you are trying to match (natural color & grain) a piece of furniture you already have, your best bet is to commision a carpenter from the region where those trees grow. If what you are looking for is native to the South then we can certainly try to help you. Just keep in mind: The more you want to customize something, or change the way we build and what we build with, the more it may cost.

Also, the hardware we use (hinges, knobs, latches, etc.) may not be what you would actually prefer for your item. We select what we think is best for the piece and it may be different than what you see in the pictures of similar items we've built. You have two choices here: Change the hardware to something you like better when your furniture arrives, or send us the hardware you want us to install on your furniture before we begin the build.
Not all hardware is compatible with the way we build doors or drawers so you may want to send us pictures or links to the harware and make sure we are all on the same page before you ship it to us.

What about the colors?

We have a few standard options on stain and paint, which can be found in our Stain/Paint Guide in various places on our website. We have chosen these standard colors based on what we think looks best with the wood we use and based on what most people prefer. Colors that are too far on the "outlandish" side of the scale tend to not match other furniture someone may have or clash with other common home decor.

Note: Tops of tables, shelves, or any surface that gets heavy use will endure better if stained and top-coated with poly. There is no warranty on the finish, whether paint or stain, so it should be noted that paint will look better longer if only applied to legs and frames of items.

We are happy to apply any colors or combinations you desire to your items. For custom colors, whether you are choosing a new color or matching something you have, we would suggest that you visit a Sherwin-Williams store near you so that we may obtain the proper color codes and have our local store mix it for us.

We will also send your item to you unfinished if you want it natural or desire to finish it yourself. This is our favorite option and it will save you money! If you request something be built out of cedar, it will be sent unfinished - unless you want a clear coat applied.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a full refund or replacement on any furniture that you are not 100% satisfied with upon pickup or local home delivery. Any return item that was shipped will get a full refund minus the cost to ship it to you and the cost to ship it back to us. Thirteen Pine is a small company that can't absorb shipping costs due to buyer remorse, dislike for the way we build, or any damage to the products done by the shipping company or customer.

We do have to note that any of our furniture that is purchased from any retail store is subject to that stores's Return/Exchange Policies.

Please shop carefully and be aware that a lot of our items are "farm or craftsman" style and the wood may have visible knots or other natural characteristics. Some of our items are purposefully "distressed" and have that "reclaimed wood" look. Our choice of fasteners and hardware are based on structural integrity and value. Many of our items have visible nail or screw holes and that is part of the design.

If assembling one of our products yourself, please follow the instructions carefully so that you don't damage the wood. Hardware can be replaced and sent to you at no charge if you strip a bolt or lose something, but we cannot refund or replace an entire piece of furniture if you damage it. Our Barnwood Line, any items made with rough cedar, or anything sent to you unfinished will have wood that can flake off or splinter. Any cracks or "checks" in the wood are natural and will not affect the performance of the furniture.

While our shop is not equipped with computer-controlled precision machines, we do take great pride in what we build and each piece is sent out the door in our unique and intentional style.


~ Handcrafted in Central Arkansas ~
Thirteen Pine