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Legalities, Credits, and Such.....


Let's start with the people that made it possible for us to have a website:

First and foremost - Camron Lockeby. Without his guidance and patience, I never could have learned to do any of the things required to build a website. I guess he figured that since I build things for a living (even though they are tangible things like furniture) that I could do this too. For a while there I wasn't so sure. But, knowing how stubborn I am, Mr. Lockeby brilliantly stopped short of "doing it for me" and that was all I needed to get in there & learn these most-foreign of all languages - html, css, & javascript. (I'm still not really sure how javascript works) ☺

Second, I need to thank my wife for letting me sit at my computer for hours & days on end getting this education when I'm sure she thought my time would be better spent making furniture. She was kind and supportive when I'd get frustrated. She is my best gift. Plus... she was able to find some code that I wasn't able to find for months - which lead to the site being able to be finished!

I also need to thank everyone who supports me and believes I can build anything - even a website.

Credit: Matthew Skiles ( for creating the awesome wood background and putting it on the internet for me to find!
Credit: Anyone I interacted with on that helped me with issues in javascript!
Credit: My mom for her excellent writing skills in helping me with a few text edits here & there.
Credit: Christopher Heng at for many good tutorials!


Now... for some copyright info

When you see the little thing at the bottom of a website (the thing you clicked on to get to this page) that has the word "Copyright" and the little "©", well... that thing is no joke.

It means... Don't take our pictures, don't take our verbiage, don't take any of our works and use them without our express written permission. Just as I've told my kids all their lives, "If it's not yours, DON'T TOUCH IT!"

If you need more info on the fact that copyright infringement is a crime,
then do a little reading on the Berne Convention here.

Thank you for your understanding.
We hope you enjoy our site and we'd love to build some furniture for you!



~ Handcrafted in Central Arkansas ~
Thirteen Pine