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Order Form

This is the page where our Order Form would normally be.


However, due to some workplace changes, we are needing to take a hiatus from furniture building.
We are by no means "done" making furniture. We just can't say at this time when we will be able to accept orders again.

Instead of letting the orders come through and responding to each customer with disappointing news of our inability to get to their project in a timely manner, we have decided to disable the Order Form for now and leave this note of apology.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you, our customer. We look forward to serving you again in the very near future and using our passion to create something great for you!


*Additional Note on "Workplace Changes":
We have one dedicated man who is responsible for the building of all our Barnwood Furniture. These items are his creations and no one here but him has been the lead builder on them. He is currently having some health issues and at this time we are not sure if he will continue to produce these unique items for Thirteen Pine after (and if) his health issues are resolved. We hope and pray for his renewed health. And we would certainly hope that he would want to continue his craft here with us in the future.
But I will say that if his path takes him in another direction, away from Thirteen Pine, then we will no longer offer any of the Barnwood line of products. These are creations derived solely from his passion and inspired by his father and we would not do him, or you, the injustice of copying them without him here.



I will say that none of the items are copyrighted and you are welcome to show the pictures to a carpenter that is local to you and have the item built. You'll save a ton in shipping that way!


Thank you for your understanding during this time. We will keep you posted!

~ Handcrafted in Central Arkansas ~
Thirteen Pine