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After we receive your order, you will receive a Confirmation Email of your order. Sometime after that we will send you another "Build Email" that will outline your order along with the total and any shipping or delivery charges - which will be based on the address you provided above.

Upon receiving our Build Email you will need to select that you are confirming your order and agreeing to the final total and send the email back. This will constitue our "Written Agreement" for this work.
We will then contact you to secure payment for your order.

If paying by Credit Card, to limit the fees we are charged for amount of items processed each month, payment will need to be made in full (your card will be billed ONCE at some point before the item is built to ensure the transaction will go through). Do NOT enter card info on this form.

If paying by check, your check will need to be written for the full amount (including shipping/delivery) and the items will not be built until the check has been received and cleared our bank.

BEFORE you click "Submit Order", make sure you typed your email address
correctly or you will not receive a Confirmation Email !